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The FLUX, is now balanced!

Hello and welcome to the official companion website of the balanced FLUX podcast.

The balanced FLUX is an educational podcast, specifically designed and presented to help bring balance into your life, which may be in flux.

It is hoped that this podcast will further enhance the quality of your life and in turn, inspire you to uplift the lives of others well.

Tune in every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. UTC.

This podcast is available on all major podcast apps and platforms.

Please stay safe, take care and thanks for listening to The balanced FLUX podcast!

Tany McLeod

(Founder, Producer & Host)

Features & Benefits


A podcast, intended as a source of inspirational reference & guidance.


Covers a wide variety of mental health & self-help topics.


Compendious & presented in a voice-over style.


Specifically crafted & designed to be repeatedly consumed.


A place to share opinions & suggest helpful ideas.

(to be announced)


The latest podcast updates, news & goodies.

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Important Notice

Hello valued listeners,

I hope you are enjoying and finding value in the content I provide via The balanced FLUX podcast. I'm writing to inform you about updates and changes to the availability of episodes.

Please read the information below to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.

I'm currently updating the content and restructuring the order of episodes to enhance your listening experience and provide you with the best possible content.

During this time, you will not be able to listen to the latest versions of episodes 1 to 110. However, you can continue to listen to episodes 111 and onwards without (hopefully) any interruption, as they are readily available for streaming or download.

Due to the extensive nature of these updates, as well as other commitments, I cannot provide an ETA on the whole process. However, please be assured that these updates are being carried out as efficiently as possible.

This section will be updated to reflect the current status of the updates and other relevant information.

I apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your continued support, patience and understanding.

Please stay safe and thank you for listening to The balanced FLUX Podcast.

The FLUX, is now balanced.

Tany McLeod

(Founder, Producer & Host)

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